Adding application insights to an existing Azure Application

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Adding application insights to an existing Azure Application

  1. Create a new application insights instance and associate to an existing app service
    1. Select New resource
    2. Look for “application insights”
    3. Give your new instance a name
      Give same name as app service to configure with application insights for ease of use

    4. Wait for the instance to be deployed successfully and browse to it
    5. Copy the instrumentation key (of iKey)
    6. Now browse to the related app service and open the application settings
    7. Add an application setting called ‘iKey’ and paste the instrumentation key copied previously
    8. Save and restart the service (although when you save app settings the app service restarts). Allow for a few minutes for data to be collected.
  2. Smoke tests
    1. Logs: It is also possible to check the logs for confirmation that the new settings were taken into account.
      1. In the Logging Framework logs: Ordering by descending EventDateTime, you should be able to find a couple of entries showing a restart of the application and that setting being applied
      2. Message should show:

        Note: The same should be added to the diagnostic logs should they be enabled
    2. Editor: Confirm the default value does not exist anymore
      1. Browse to the App Service Editor in your app service settings and click Go

      2. Select ApplicationInsights.config and scroll to the bottom. The default value for the instrumentation key is commented out.

  3. Other
    1. It is possible that if you created the application service with an associated application insights instance, it would give you the option to enable application insights.

      But this document assumes that application insights is added after the creation of the related application service

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