Build Your First Orchestrator Runbook

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In this article we will intorduce how to build your first runbook using System Center Orchestrator 2012

  1. From the Start Menu, Select Runbook Designer

  2. If there is no New Runbook Area, Right-Click on the Runbook folder, and Select New Runbook

  3. On the New Runbook Area, We will drag and drop some Activities from the Activities List on the right pane.

  4. From the Scheduling tab, select Monitor Date/Time activity, and from Text File Management Tab, select the Append line activity, draw a link between the both activities.

  5. Now, we need to configure the properties of both activities, Right-Click on Monitor Date/Time Activity to set its Properties.

  6. We will set the Monitor Date/time to fire every 5 seconds
  7. For the Append Line Activity, Right-Click on it to set its properties.
  8. Set it as exists below, for the Text, we can add any static value, but to make the sample some more reasonable, We will add a dynamic variable, so, Right-Click on the Text box, and Select Subscribe > Published Data > Activity Start Time in UTC
  9. Now our runbook is ready for Run, Click Check In from the top bar.

  10. Note that the Run button is Activated, Click on it.
  11. Check the Out-put file, it should be something like this, Good Luck !

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